The Value Of Brand Keywords

The Value Of Brand Keywords

Monitor your own Brand keywords

One of the most important features of Gads.AI is its technology to help businesses to observe what is on the SERP (Search Engine Result Page). Instead of doing it manually yourself to check what’s going on with your ad, we do the dirty work for you, and let you know when you should pay attention to it.

You can monitor any keyword you like, but monitoring your own Brand keywords is probably one of the most interesting ones for most search engines marketers.

What are Brand keywords?

Brand keywords are the keywords you bid on for your brand. For example, “Nike” as a keyword will be a brand keyword for “Nike”, the sportswear company.

Brand keywords are very valuable for any company. Users who search for brand keywords already know your company, and usually these customers will convert better than other customers you acquire from other keywords.

Usually bidding on brand keywords should be quite cheap as most of the time it is unique to your business. It is the part of business you want to safeguard and not give away to your competitors.

Why is it important to monitor Brand keywords?

It is always a controversy whether you should bid on your own brand keyword or not. But no matter whether you bid on it or not, it is important to monitor it.


If you are bidding on your own brand keywords…

You would like to know who else is bidding on them. These are the guys who have rocket the cost of your brand keywords when users click on your ad. So knowing your competitors is like knowing your “enemies”, once you identify them, you can decide the next steps you can do with them, whether that is to start a bidding war, or to sign an agreement, identifying and monitoring is the first step.

A screenshot of Google desktop where asana bids on [asana] keyword.

An example where a asana was bidding on its own keyword [asana].


If you are NOT bidding on your brand keywords…

That is even more important if you monitor it. Most people who don’t bid on the brand keywords believe usually their brand name is already ranking number 1 organically on the SERP. Therefore there is no need to pay for these traffic. However, if your competitors started bidding on your terms, your number 1 position on the SERP will be gone, and that is a reason to start bidding again. Having an automated way to monitor this on the SERP can ease all the manual work and help you better strategize your brand campaigns.

A screenshot of Google desktop where a competitor bids on [asana] keyword.

An example where a competitor was bidding on the keyword [asana].

How Gads.AI help you?

We monitor the SERP for you actively and regularly using our technology, so you will not need to check out who is bidding on your brand keywords manually. You will receive a notification how it looks like on the SERP for the keywords that you want to monitor. So you can save your time and have ease in your mind!

We will let you know:

  • Which competitor is bidding on you
  • How do their ads looks like
  • What landing page your competitors land their users to
  • How often do your competitors show up for your keywords

Get in touch and start your free trial today!

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