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Brand Bidding

Stay guard of your brand. Defend your brand name against any online abuse that’s out there.


Put an end to fraudulent affiliates who violate your terms. Save your brand from fake commisions.


Prevent your partners from “stealing” your sales. Find out who is violating your terms of agreement.


Find out what your competitors are doing on search using your brand and take instant actions.

Take Back Control

Put An End To Trademark & Copyright Infringements

Trademark & Copyright Infringements are probably one of the most common cases in the SEA/SEM brand bidding that almost everyone has experience in online marketing.

How many times have you seen the ROAS of your branded campaigns being off or found that the CPC of your Branded keywords has skyrocketed?

How about seeing your Branded SEO traffic decreased day by day for no clear reason?

Do these two cases above sound familiar to you? Chances are they do, as pretty much everyone has faced something similar during our career time.

The questions are, who is causing that, when did they start and what can you do about it?

That’s where is coming into play! We keep an EYE on Paid Search 24/7/365. We monitor, log, alert and help you fight against BRAND abuse.

Constantly Developing New Functionalities & Features

Current Features

Cross-Device Monitoring

Countless Search Combinations

Customizable Crawling Frequency

Search Results Snapshots

Automated Alerts

Historic Logs

Built In Analytics

Affordable & Fair Pricing

RockStar Marketers

Save Your Brand’s Revenue

The domino effect that’s caused by the action of Brand Bidding can and does affect multiple online marketing channels such as SEA/SEM, SEO, Affiliate or even Direct traffic!

Imagine a portion of your traffic going to a competitor rather  to your website. What kind of impact that could have to your Brand?

How about if a portion of the traffic that you were receiving from organic suddenly comes from affiliates? Can you think of how much money you will be spending in this case for traffic that you would have anyway?

What about if you start losing direct visitors because they have been “acquired” cheaper from by competitors through Paid search?

Does that sound familiar to you?

Gads.AI technologies can help you, help your Brand save thousands of Euros/Dollars!


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