We help you put an end to unauthorized trademark bidding by

affiliates, partners, competitors on your branded keywords.

Our technologies take all the stress and weight off your shoulders. We keep an EYE on Paid Search 24/7/365. We monitor, log, alert and help you fight against BRAND abuse.

GAds = Google Ads / Paid Search

Brand Monitoring Technologies

Brand Bidding

Stay guard of your brand. Defend your brand name against any online abuse that’s out there.


Put an end to fraudulent affiliates who violate your terms. Save your brand from fake commisions.


Prevent your partners from “stealing” your sales. Find out who is violating your terms of agreement.


Find out what your competitors are doing on search using your brand and take instant actions.

Stress Free

Take the Weight Off Your Shoulders

Brand name is the common denominator for every marketing channel such as: SEO, SEM, Affiliate, Brand, PR, or Partnerships.

You probably have experienced by now at least once a stressful situation where a competitor, affiliate or partner bidded to your brand or even worst, used it in their ads.

Imagine how you would feel like if you had that information faster and be able to take massive action against it!

24/7/365 Keeping An EYE (AI) On Paid Search For You

Proactive Monitoring At Your Fingertips

With more than 1201 search engine combinations, covering both desktop and mobile devices you will be in a good place to know what’s happening on Paid Search.

Our technology will monitor, log and alert you at any time there is an issue that you shall be aware of so you can take instant action.

GAds AI Is For Everyone

Built For Big & Small Brands, Agencies & Freelancers

Brand is very important whether you are a big international company or a small local freelancer. With that in mind, we designed our packages and our pricing in a way that it can be affordable and fair for everyone.

Constantly Developing New Functionalities & Features

Current Features

Cross-Device Monitoring

Countless Search Combinations

Customizable Crawling Frequency

Search Results Snapshots

Automated Alerts

Historic Logs

Built In Analytics

Affordable & Fair Pricing

Be Your Brand’s RockStar

Are you ready to get back your Brand?

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