THE brand protection tool for SEM & Affiliate 

Gads.AI keeps an EYE on Paid Search 24/7/365. It monitors, logs, alerts, and helps you fight Brand Abuse caused by unauthorized trademark bidding from affiliates, partners, and competitors on your branded keywords.

Brand Monitoring Technologies

Suitable for Big & Small Brands, Agencies & Freelancers


Travel agents, hotels, activities, ticketing.


Marketplaces, eshops, pharma.


Banks, Neobanks, credit institutions.


Crypto exhanges, apps, wallets.

In an ideal world…

Search engines

Wouldn’t allow unauthorized trademark bidding taking place.


Wouldn’t violate your affiliate terms and conditions you have.


Wouldn’t have been forced to pay to be found on the search results for your brand name (like Basecamp had to do).

Unauthorized trademark / brand bidding damages your brand.
Here is how it affects you:

Increases your CPC

The more advertisers are bidding on the same branded keywords of yours, the higher the cost per click (CPC) gets. Cases have shown over 75% increase.

Lowers your Ad-rank

You get to compete with many  advertisers who bid on your branded keywords, pushing further down your ads from the top position.

Decreases your CTR

The lower your ads appear on the top position, the lower your CTR will eventually going to be. But still, you will be paying more than you did before.

Loses revenue and traffic

Other advertisers will get your own branded traffic. As a result, you will progressively get less traffic and generate less revenue than before.

Generates illegitimate Affiliate Commissions

If your brand depends from its affiliates to generate revenue, you might end up paying illegitimate commissions.

Damages your brand image

It’s not only your affiliates, partners, or competitors who might be bidding on your branded keywords. Scammers do too, damaging your brand’s image.

24/7/365 a Guardian by your side. Complete peace of mind!

Turn insights into actions

Imagine having your own personal assistant, providing you with key-vital search intelligence data and security that you and your brand need.

Winning Advantages:

  • Find out threats in market cost-effectively.
  • Improve your advertising efficiency.
  • Take down scammers – phishing websites.
  • Monitor affiliates & partners compliance.
  • Be proactive rather than reactive.

Proactive Monitoring At Your Fingertips. Take action TODAY


Put an end to fraudulent affiliates who violate your terms. Save your brand from illegitimate commissions.


Prevent your partners from “stealing” your sales. Find out who is violating your terms of the agreement.


Find out what your competitors are doing using your brand and take instant actions.

Protect your revenue

Speak to one of our experts to find out how much infringements have cost your business today/this week.

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