Why did Google remove average position?

Why did Google remove average position?

Why did Google remove average position?

Google has removed average positions since September 2019. Until now, there are still a lot of marketers asking why Google removed the average position. Before diving deep into the topic, let’s review the change that Google did.


In the past, PPC marketers can see average position as one of the performance metrics in their Google Ads interface. Of course average position is still just an average based on the times that your ads are shown. So even Google says your average position is 3, it doesn’t mean your ads never show in position 1 (Do the maths, and you know the chance is quite low though). Anyway, a lot of marketers still find it a good indication how well your campaigns are doing, whether it’s competitive or not.

Marketers also have options to bid based on average position. For example, if you would always want to be position 1, this can be your target. All these go away along with average position and it frustrates many people.


Google has replaced average position with a few new competitive metrics in auction insights, for example, absolute top impression share and top impression share. We are no longer able to see exactly where our campaign stands, but how often it shows up on position 1 (absolute top impression share) and how often it shows up among the top 4 positions (top impression share).

Why did Google remove average position?

Why does Google remove the average position metric?

Google made this decision because it believes that is no longer a useful metric for advertisers.

With the new available metrics, Google believes it gives advertisers a better view of your prominence on the SERP than the old average position.

Google also thinks the new metrics will better inform advertisers for their bidding decisions. Especially with Google encouraging advertisers moving to smart bidding, the kind of thoughts Google sharing is, “Does it matter the position of your ads if you have the conversions and revenue that you need?

How Gads.AI help you with Average Position?

Everytime we monitor the keywords for you, we collect data if your ads are showing up and where it is showing. With the data that we collected, we share this information with you on the average position so you have more data points to support your daily campaign management.

In addition, we will let you know:

  • Which advertisers are bidding on your selected keywords
  • How do their ads looks like
  • What landing page they land their users to
  • How often do your competitors show up for your selected keywords
  • What’s their position

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